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  • Road casualties

    Reported road casualties by gender, age and severity.

  • Rural-urban classification
  • Sports Market Segmentation
    Sport England has developed nineteen sporting segments by splitting the adult population based on their age, gender, socio-demographic information, sporting activity and preferences to help us understand the nation's attitudes to sport, their motivations, barriers and sporting habits.

  • Standard Area Measurements

    Standard Area Measurements in hectares for administrative, health and Census boundaries. Data provides measurements for; Extent of the realm, Area to mean high water, Inland water and Land area.

  • Statutory homelessness

    Statutory homelessness covers a sub-set of homeless households who approach and are assessed or granted assistance by their local authority. A household is considered homeless if the local authority deems that they do not have a legal right to occupy accommodation that is accessible, physically available, which it would be reasonable for the household to continue to live in.

  • Tax credits

    Tax credits are a flexible system of financial support designed to deliver support as and when a family needs it, tailored to their specific circumstances. They are part of wider government policy to provide support to parents returning to work, reduce child poverty and increase financial support for all families. The flexibility of the design of the system means that as families' circumstances change, so (daily) entitlement to tax credits changes. This means tax credits can respond quickly to families' changing circumstances providing support to those that need them most.

  • Teenage conceptions

    Under 18 and under 16 conceptions (numbers and rates).

  • Traveller caravans

    Count of traveller caravans on authorised (socially rented and private) and unauthorised sites (on land owned or not owned by travellers and tolerated and not tolerated).

  • Year 11 activity survey
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